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Author Topic: Unreal Tournament GOTY  (Read 1757 times)

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Unreal Tournament GOTY
« on: August 19, 2013, 02:27:10 PM »
Unreal tournament is an FPS game released in 1999 by Epic Games and Digital Extremes.

It is known as the game which got many people into the FPS genre; and start them off on multiplayer gaming. The bot AI and the wide assortment of modifications make it still one of the best online FPS games. In an unmodified unreal tournament there are 6 game types. Deathmatch; Team Deathmatch; Capture the Flag; Domination; Assault and Last Man Standing. The titles are pretty self explanatory, but for the thread's sake I'll explain each one.

In deathmatch you fight against a number of bots or players to get a certain amount of frags. One of the most widely used maps for deathmatch is "Deck16."

In team deathmatch, you have the same goal as regular deathmatch, just in a team (:derp:). Capture the Flag is another great game type, where you defend your flag and capture the enemy flag. The greatest map for that is CTF-Face :frogc00l:

Now, in domination you fight in teams to take control of control points which are placed around the map. the more control points you have the faster your score will rise. Most of the pre-made maps for domination suck, but you can find some custom ones on the internet easily :buddy:

Assault is a team completing objectives and taking over a location while the other team defends against it. In AS-Frigate, one team attacks a boat and completes the objectives within while the other team tries to defeat the oncoming attack.

Last Man Standing is basically deathmatch; but you have a certain amount of lives before you get sent to spectator mode. Now, on to custom gamemodes.

Monster Hunt is my personal favorite as well as a lot of others. You and other players go through medium-large maps killing monsters and searching for ways to escape. In MH-DeadCity2, you hide from zombies at night and explore at day. You have to go through caves and defeat the zombies to complete it. Overall this is one of the most fun gamemodes available. You can download it here.

Bunny Track is another widely played gamemode, where you get put in an obstacle course to reach the finish. On most bunny track servers, the fastest one to reach the end holds a server record for that map. There are hundreds of bunnytrack maps to try out.

And then there's jailbreak (thanks for the info subenji99!)

Quote from: subenji99
Jailbreak is a round based Team Deathmatch game. When a player is killed, they are put into the opposing teams' jail. Your teammates can rescue you from jail by finding the release button in the opposing teams' base. A team scores by capturing all players of the opposing team in their jail at once. Games are usually run to x amount of caps.

Some maps also have secret passages out of jail, which usually require teamwork to access. Also, most maps have an "Arena", where jailed players from opposing teams can fight for freedom. Players are picked randomly for the Arena.

It is a very polished gamemode, and the bots do know how to play it too, so give it a shot.

There is also Thievery, Weapons Factory, Forward Edge Battle Area and Fragball. Mikaru Yanagida has kindly summarized each one :buddy:
Quote from: Mikaru-Yanagida;28184757
You know, Ut99 has a nice ton of mods, but most of them are just weapon mods and not gameplay mods. The most impressive example of a gameplay mod is Thievery, it's a mod that's basically multiplayer thief game in the unreal engine. There's also another one out there called Weapons Factory, which is basically a really impressive (in my opinion, at least) a very nice TF2 clone complete with 10 classes. The tenth class isn't even a civilian class, which makes it more interesting. Even more neat is the Forawrd Edge Battle Arena, which has 2 teams with completely different class systems, and it plays really well on assault maps! For you sports fans out there, there's a gameplay mod called Fragball

So yeah, there's a lot of UT mods out there that are really worth the effort put into them (in my opinion, to say the very least.

Discuss UT GOTY and 2004 here. But not UT3 because that game is terrible.


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