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2 POLLS HERE- How regulated do you want the economy (Hard Survival Main world- not towny).

Everything is rigidly controlled by the state. (Communism) ?
Basics and such are provided in towns.
High prices in town but players can undercut.
Completely player dependent (remember the size of our user base nowdays).
2nd POLL - What level of npcs in the world do you want?
Literally can buys slaves for anything- guards, armies,miners,woodcutters,sacrifices.
Only lore friendly
Only guards for towns and body guards, will have buy limit and their own set of rules/

Author Topic: Bringing the Dead Corpse Back to Life  (Read 99 times)

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Bringing the Dead Corpse Back to Life
« on: June 10, 2017, 09:27:40 PM »
Hello all , Just informing you that xPLegacy will be going through a period of whitelisted maitenence (not that it really does anything :P).
Changes Already Completed
    • We now have dynmap! (details will come later)
    • NCP Has been tamed (agian) and is hopefully playable now.
    • Added a second world with towny, though it is unconfigured.
    • Update the entire server to that colorful update shit (scary stuff).
    • Bring all plugins up to date.
    • Cut out eye and throw it into the well of knowledge.
    • Add all the classical literature written in days past by xP dwellers to a library.
    • Find and kill Herobrine.

To do list. (and what I am working on presently)
  • Get good on ai.
  • Added a museum world for Tera (no pokemon(soon ?) of course just the structures).EXPLODED AFTER UPDATE
  • Added more cities throughout the chaos lands for saftey.
  • Sacraficed lambs to Völuspį, Uršr , Veršandi.
  • Citizens are present and alive but not sound in mind.
  • Add all previous G builds as museums is i can get my hands on them, any help would be appreciated!
  • Refine permissions more.
  • Refine the bitch that the economy has become.
  • Add some minigames to another world.(If you have any sugg. I would be happy to liten to them here.
Thank you for your time, the update period and such might take some time as I am only one man, also sorry for being dead lately, been super busy.
Thanks -Furious
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Re: Bringing the Dead Corpse Back to Life
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2017, 10:18:28 PM »
Woop, good to see some new stuff here.


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