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Author Topic: [13/05/17] Pokémon hunting! New custom plugin!  (Read 251 times)

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[13/05/17] Pokémon hunting! New custom plugin!
« on: May 13, 2017, 10:38:50 PM »
Today I'm unveiling a custom plugin I've been working on, Pokémon Hunting.

4 random pokémon are selected to be in the hunt. These are only pokémon which can spawn naturally in the wild. Common/easy to catch Pokémon will have 1 guaranteed rare candy,  8-24 random pokéballs (no master balls!)  and 50-150 coins. RARE pokémon, such as ditto, beldum, charizard etc. will have 1-6 rare candies, 16-48 random pokéballs and 100-300 coins. This could change if we discover any balancing issues.

Now, for IVs.

Any pokémon on this list will gain 10% to each IV when caught, regardless of nature. This will encourage hunting, hopefully. Imagine when the fabled ditto appears on /hunt!

If you catch a pokémon on this list and it's one of the 3 randomly selected natures, you gain all the rewards and the pokémon gains a massive IV boost - either 20% in all stats or one maxed out stat depending on the nature (Lonely/Brave/Adamant etc. will max out the attack IV). The server will then announce a new pokémon to hunt in that slot!

Use /hunt or /hunts to check the list.

Happy hunting!


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