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Author Topic: [13/04/17] Server paid + 1st monthly audit!  (Read 257 times)

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[13/04/17] Server paid + 1st monthly audit!
« on: April 13, 2017, 07:59:32 PM »
Auditing is a process we'll be doing every month as the server is paid, so you guys can all publicly see the donations and where they go.

Total amount in donations PayPal before renewing the server:

Purchases made with donations:

(pixelmon-server-list premium, it put us on a premium list for a week and we gained a few players from it)

Partway into the beta, we upgraded from a 4gb to a 6gb server and NodeCraft charged us 11.13 for the service.

I used my PayPal to buy a game with, which I immediately refunded and gave a little extra, giving a net increase of 4.33.

Total donations for the past server period:

  • $25 - became 18.46 after currency conversion/fees
  • 10 from myself - became 3.89 after PayPal fees + G2A
  • 15 - became 14.14 after PayPal fees
  • $10 - became 7.25 after currency conversion/fees
  • $20 - became 14.77 after currency conversion/fees
  • $25 - became 18.48 after currency conversion/fees
  • $4 - became 2.71 after currency conversion/fees
  • $28.14 - became 22.80 after currency conversion/fees
  • 1 (test donation) - became 0.77 after PayPal fees

In total, including PayPal/other transaction fees, 103.28 was donated in the first payment period.

Stormize's donations were used to pay for the first month of server hosting, so we can take 31.43 off of the remainder needed. We can remove 4.79 for the premium server listing and 11.13 for the upgrade and we're left with 55.93. I can't exactly figure out why I'm missing a 7.69 donation somewhere, but having more than expected is always nice! I'm fairly sure I had a little amount in there before starting the server, so let's go with that for now.

Paying the invoice:

As shown, the total required for each month is 48.09. As we have more than enough, the server is able to continue thanks to donations - thanks all!

Here I've fully paid for the server using just the PayPal balance.

We are now left with 15.53, meaning we need 32.56 for the next month.

Total donations in xP// history:

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